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Are your headlights Cloudy, Foggy, or Yellow? ReNew Lights purpose is to restore your headlights back to like new conditions again. Over time the sun oxodizes the plastic, thus causing the polymers of the lens to degrade. Replacing a single headlight can cost hundreds of dollars, but we charge just a fraction of the price.
Automotive Headlight Restoration
Do-it-yourself kits provide you with sandpaper, wipes, sponge / cloth, and a bottle of what we call the “Clear Coat”. If you were to wet your headlights, they would appear to look much better. In the same case, these Do-it-yourself kits have the same effect on your headlights. In most cases the damage comes back in just a few months, and often times cause more damage than before. In some situations the damge is within the headlight; you would be wasting time, money, and causing damage to the outer lens. Don’t be stumbled by the price, you get what you pay for!
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A headlight is made of plastic, which is polymers of high molecular mass. These polymers are made up of both natural and synthetic materials. However, over time the properties of these polymers can change. Polymer degradation is the wearing down of the plastic. This becomes noticable by the changes in color, shape, or molecular weight. Expose to heat, light, and chemicals in the atmosphere are the leading cause of yellow headlights today.
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Clear Again was founded in 1998 by Gregory Klosterman and partners. Klosterman had developed a process for restoring headlights back to like new condition again. Over several years the company had spead to many locations across the United States. In 2009, Gregory Klosterman signed over the company to his partners and started running his new company "Renew Lights". 
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Driving at night with foggy, cloudy, or yellow headlights is unsafe. The ultraviolet rays produced from exposer to the sun cause this damage, and our purpose is to restore them back to like new condition. We remove the cancerous plastic that has eaten away at your headlight, and polish it with our proprietary chemicals that help restore the ultraviolet coating. If damage or water is on the inside of the headlight; we have tactics and tools that are used to remove it so the housing can be resealed.
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