About Renew Lights

Renew Lights was founded in 1998 and originally called Clear Again. Gregory Klosterman had developed a process for restoring headlights back to like new conditions again. Over serveral years the company grew and spread to well over 30 locations in the United States. In 2009, Klosterman signed over the company to his partners and started a new one. Now known as Renew Lights the company operates in fewer locations, but is still the same process.

Driving at night can be a real danger if your headlights aren't maintained properly. Yellow, foggy, and milky headlights consume many cars on the road today. Most headlights are made of plastics that are polymers of high molecular mass. Over time these polymers experience degradation due to exposure to heat, uv rays, and chemicals in the atmosphere.

Pitted headlights are also another common damage that happens. In certain areas gravel is spread on snow covered roads in the winter months. In more damp climates, humidity and water in the headlight can become prevalent. To fix this issue our technicians are trained to remove the moisture and prevent it from returning. Do you have a spotted or hazy speedometer? If so, we can come to your place of residence or work and offer our services to you.